Recovery is Possible

How to Speak Up for Ourselves and Give and Receive Feedback Both In and Outside of Therapy

In this video I share some of my strategies for speaking up for myself and for sharing feedback, including how to externalize a dynamic or conflict and use I statements. I discuss reconnecting with our own values after being driven by unconscious loyalty and setting boundaries. I also share about how giving and receiving feedback, especially about the therapist / client relationship dynamics, may help therapy be more effective.

Strategies for Managing Anxious or Depressed Moods

In this video I share some of the strategies I’ve used to help manage anxious or depressed moods, including identifying what I’m experiencing, tracking changes, considering my physical health, addressing sleep/rest, reducing overstimulation by not multitasking as much as possible, evaluating social media use, and more. This is not intended to be therapeutic advice as it is not individualized.

You’re Invited to Regulate with Me and Co-Regulation

In this video I invite the viewer to try regulation exercises with me as I share some practices I use to regulate. I also discuss how we may regulate with others and respond to our environment. Please note this is not meant to constitute therapeutic advice as it is not personalized.

Self-Care Holiday Edition

Do you find the holiday season to be stressful? Check out my educational video on self-care during the holidays and family events (it is not meant to constitute therapeutic advice). I discuss my interpretation of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy skill “ABC Please” which was developed by Marsha Linehan and discuss my own examples of how to use it. Content note: I reference how past negative events, including different types of abuse or exposure to drugs and alcohol, may impact people today. 

What is containment, and what are some creative strategies? I share some strategies I’ve used (writing, using a literal box, art, textile work), cultural considerations, and how I can’t think about containment without also thinking of embodiment. (I don’t discuss relational containment in this video, but it’s worth a mention…perhaps it’s a topic for a future video!). I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #2071 in CA but this does not constitute therapeutic advice, it’s not individualized.

Strategies for Self-Expression

In this video I share strategies that have been useful for me when I’ve struggled to find words to express myself, including using imagery, finding the story, listening to body sensations, and poetry.

What’s the Point of Therapy?

In this video I explain a little bit about how EMDR works and why therapy can be helpful.