Recovery is Possible

You’re invited to a free, virtual depth psych reading and discussion group. Instead of reading books, which require a lot of time and money, we read freely available essays and interviews, then meet to reflect and discuss them. 

If you’re a therapist or a depth psych scholar and you’re interested in registering, please fill out the Google new event registration form. The Google Meet video link will be sent to the e-mail you provide when you register.

What to know:

  • feel free to share this with your colleagues who may be interested
  • if more than 20 people register I will turn off registration
  • please e-mail me with any questions or feedback at

The next two meetings will focus on the below readings because they are more lengthy: Wednesday, April 17th from 9am-10:15am and Wednesday, May 15th from 9am-10:15am

Fear of Breakdown and the Unlived Life:

Past Meetings

  • Reading: “Earth as Goddess: A conversation with African healer and guide Baba Mandaza Augustine Kademwa,” authored by Thanissara, published by Parabola on October 28, 2019.
  • Suggested activity: explore how you relate to and treat “Mama” Earth. Experiment with how you can honor her.
  • Reflect on these parallels:
    • the relationship between loving yourself and loving Earth
    • the relationship between going into your own self (exploring inner world) and going into nature

Readings for the first meeting: